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when disaster strikes, prompt response is critical

That's why we're here. Disaster Blaster is a leader in the mitigation and restoration industry specialitzed in not only addressing the urgent needs you may have right now, but preventative steps so you don't need us in the future!

At Disaster Blaster, we understand that property damage is a traumatic event for everyone involved. That's why we believe in alleviating stress as much as we can throughout the process. We take this responsibility very seriously, because at Disaster Blaster, we restore your life, not just your home.

A leader in the mitigation and restoration industry, Disaster Blaster has been at the forefront of many innovations over the years, from advanced drying techniques to the develoment of new service offerings. When disaser strikes, Disaster Blaster has the skills, expertise, and commitment to make things right.


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Founded in 2006 by Gary Lyons and Matthew Lyons (father & son), Disaster Blaster came out of their desire to address issues they saw within the mitigation and restoration industry.

At that time, Gary and Matthew both had more than a decade of experience within the restoration industry, and saw many areas for improvement. From their desire to improve the industry as a whole, they formed Disaster Blaster, developed an extensive service catalogue to address the needs their customers had, and overhauled the marketing and business approach to be property owner-focused

This lead to an organization that now offers 4 times the number of services other companies within the industry commonly offer, and a personal touch throughout the process to ensure customer satisfaction. After operating their successful Disaster Blaster business for many years, Gary and Matthew decided to franchise the business in 2022, allowing them to share their unique business model with Disaster Blaster franchisees across the country. Gary and Matthew are both still very active within Disaster Blaster, providing marketing and operational support, sharing their extensive expertise, and assisting their franchise system wherever and whenever they’re needed.

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Matthew Lyons


Growing up in the mitigation and restoration industry has afforded Matthew with many opportunities to view the industry from a fresh perspective and has led to many of Disaster Blaster’s innovations. Having worked in every facet of the industry, from performing the mitigation and restoration services directly to project management and planning.

Matthew has a broad understanding of the industry. Recognized for his commitment to every customer and project, Matthew leverages his extensive experience every day to ensure that the needs of all Disaster Blaster customers are met. Matthew’s enthusiasm for the industry, and his commitment to improving it, is apparent in everything he does and benefits every Franchise in the Disaster Blaster system.

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Gary Lyons

Vice President

Beginning his career in the insurance industry, Gary has an extensive insurance claims background that has made Disaster Blaster the experts in property restoration claims. In conjunction with his experience within the mitigation and restoration industry, Gary is well regarded for his wide-ranging industry knowledge and his unwavering commitment to assisting property owners with their mitigation and restoration needs. He brings this same commitment to his support of Disaster Blaster franchisees

Experience the difference!

The Disaster Blaster team provides years of experience in providing Indoor Environmental Services. Unlike most companies in our industry, our Management Team also possess an Insurance Claims experience and background so we are also able to help you in the filing of an insurance claim should there be insurance to cover your job. Disaster Blaster is recognized by and able to perform work on behalf of all insurance companies.

You can rest assured that Disaster Blaster is properly insured for the work we perform. Many companies in this industry unfortunately lack the proper insurance coverage. If your vendor only has General Liability Insurance Coverage, they do NOT have adequate insurance to cover you should they further contaminate your home or building during their work

Disaster Blaster is distinguished from others in our industry by the number of services we offer, and more importantly, the complexity of many of our service offerings. Disaster Blaster is not a “cleaning company” but rather we take pride in being a true Indoor Environmental Company. If a safe and healthy indoor environment is important to you, Disaster Blaster should be your choice for your job.

Some of the services offered by Disaster Blaster require that our company and technicians be licensed by the State. Services such as Asbestos Abatement and Radon Mitigation require our technicians to complete intensive training and testing in order to obtain and maintain State Licensing to perform these services. These requirements make it necessary for Disaster Blaster to hire a higher level of employee than generally seen in the “carpet cleaning” or “fire, water, and smoke damage cleanup” company.