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What is considered a biohazard?

According to Meriam-Webster dictionary a biohazard is "a biological agent or condition (as an infectious organism or insecure laboratory procedures) that constitutes a hazard to humans or the environment; also : a hazard posed by such an agent or condition." In our industry, it can include sewer back-ups, crime scenes, or urine and excrement among others. If there is a biohazard, it should be remediated by a professional for your safety.


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Biohazard / Hoarding Cleanup requires special remediation and safety precautions. In all cases, Personal Protective Equipment is a necessity due to the bloodborne and airborne biohazards. In some instances, special disposal regulations are in place.

Your typical cleaning company or janitorial service is not equipped with the commercial EPA disinfectants and antimicrobials needed in such cases. They also may not have the training to properly address necessary mitigation, demo and repairs, and bed bugs. Should you have a Biohazard or Hoarding Issue in your home or business, or any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Our Offices.

What are the health concerns associated with hoarding?

Health concerns include pests ranging from as small as dust mites and fleas, to rats. These pests cannot be removed until the house is properly cleaned up. There is always the danger of a fire when it comes to hoarders. Hoarders have the tendency to lose the bills for heat and electricity so, when the utilities are cut off, the use of candles and kerosene heaters is prevalent. The combination of mounds of debris and a fire source can be deadly. If a fire does break out in the home, the firefighters have a difficult time getting to the source of the fire and possibly removing any occupants from the home.

Will you just go in and throw everything out?

No, hoarding is a disease and the emotional well-being of the hoarder is our utmost concern. Disaster Blaster works with the hoarder and may enlist family members to assist with their mental state if needed. We allow the hoarder to decide what is to be thrown out and we then haul out the debris. It is then important for the house to be cleaned, pull up any carpets that may need to be removed, and sanitize the home. We are concerned about our clients and take all precautions to be aware of the difficulties surrounding the situation. Even in these difficult situations, at Disaster Blaster, "We're Here for You"®.