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meth lab cleanup and remediation

In a time when new environmental hazards are being introduced to your homes and businesses, it’s important to entrust the safety of your indoor environment to a true Indoor Environmental Expert that keeps up with not only changes in the industry, but new hazards as they present themselves. Meth Labs and the contamination that they leave behind is one such hazard, requiring specialized training and equipment in order to clean the property and reduce contaminants to a safe level.

Illicit drugs and the residues from their production process can be extremely dangerous.  Disaster Blaster recognizes this and is proud to be a true Indoor Environmental Expert able to address these issues safely and effectively for you.

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Why you should call Disaster Blaster to address Meth Lab Contamination

Disaster Blaster is there when you need us

For many homeowners, it can be difficult to find a qualified Meth Lab Remediation Contractor. Your local Disaster Blaster understands and is here to help!
*Service offerings may differ per franchise location

Highly Trained Meth Lab Remediation Specialists

Disaster Blaster technicians, estimators, and managers are specially trained to address your Meth Lab Remediation needs. Disaster Blaster has the equipment, experience, and qualifications to safely and effectively perform Meth Lab Remediation and Decontamination services.

Disaster Blaster has the right Qualifications

Meth Lab Remediation requires specialized training and, in some states, licensing. Disaster Blaster offices have the qualifications required to provide Meth Lab Remediation services in the states they service.

Project Financing may be available

We understand that Meth Lab issues are often unexpected, which is why we’ve worked hard to make project financing available to our customers!
*Restrictions may apply.

Disaster Blaster has the right equipment

Proper Meth Lab Remediation requires the right equipment – and Disaster Blaster has it! Our trained professionals are always prepared and able to complete Meth Lab Remediation and Decontamination safely and effectively!

What is a Meth Lab?

A property that is currently, or was previously, being used to produce Methamphetamine is known as a Meth Lab. Unfortunately, Meth Labs have become much more common over the last few years, and can now be found all over the country. In fact, Meth Labs have been found in towns, cities, and even in rural areas. They’ve been found in properties the meth producer owned, in outbuildings such as garages and sheds, and even in tenant occupied units!

How do I recognize a Meth Lab? What does a Meth Lab look like?

First, it’s important to understand that Meth Labs can vary in size, complexity, and method, and can essentially be anywhere. Ingredients used to create Meth consist of everyday items that can be purchased at local retail or hardware stores, and in fact, you no doubt have many of the ingredients under your Kitchen sink! There are however some things that you can look for in order to spot a Meth Lab, such as large quantities of cold tablets containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, or equipment such as a two-liter bottle with a white granular substance in the bottom, or hoses coming out of the cap.

Is living in a Meth Lab (or a property that used to be a Meth Lab) dangerous?

The process used to create or “cook” Methamphetamine is incredibly dangerous, both during the cooking process, as well as long after the gross chemicals and production equipment have been removed.

A working Meth Lab can present a very real explosion hazard, and should not be tampered with under any circumstances. If you feel that you have discovered a Meth Lab, contact Law Enforcement immediately, as they can determine if the property is in fact safe.

Many people don’t realize however, that during the production process, these hazardous chemicals become airborne and will leave a residue on structural components and contents throughout the property. These residual chemicals will continue to present a hazard to occupants until the property has been properly and successfully decontaminated by a company trained to properly perform this work. Due to the specialized procedures necessary, general cleaning by a “cleaning company” is not sufficient.

Is Meth Lab Testing available?

Yes, lab testing is able to determine if there is Meth exposure at a property. Look for a tester that offers this service and does not also perform the mitigation and remediation, as that is generally viewed as a conflict of interest. Disaster Blaster does not perform Meth Lab Testing, however may be able to assist you in locating a local tester able to perform this service for you. Testing also must be completed after the remediation process has been completed, and the results provided to your local Disaster Blaster. This is done not only to ensure that the property is now safe, but to document that the remediation process was successful.

What is Meth Lab Remediation?

As part of the Meth Lab Remediation process, Disaster Blaster will address surfaces and content items that cannot be effectively disinfected, removing these materials following strict protocols and procedures. Following the removal of these materials and content items, Disaster Blaster performs a detailed remediation and decontamination process to remove Meth Lab residues from surfaces, restoring your property to a safe living environment.

Once the Meth Lab Remediation services have been completed and testing has confirmed that no additional steps are necessary, any repair services that may be necessary will be able to begin.

Do other drugs require Remediation?

While Meth and Meth Labs have received most of the media attention, other illicit drugs can also represent a serious health concern and require remediation.

For instance, Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid, is extremely potent and dangerous. In fact, only a couple of milligrams of Fentanyl can be lethal. To make matters worse, Fentanyl is often used to lace other drugs to increase their potency or reduce production costs. This means that drug users may not even know if the drugs they’ve purchased contain Fentanyl!

With the increase in powerful, and potentially lethal, new drugs on the market, the need for specialized remediation processes increases. Disaster Blaster is proud to offer Fentanyl Remediation services to address dangerous contaminations of Fentanyl and other opioids.

What you should do if you discover a Meth Lab

Do Stop what you’re doing

Drug and Meth Labs can be extremely volatile and dangerous. Stop what you’re doing and leave the area immediately.

Stay Out of the Affected Area

Until the area has been properly and thoroughly decontaminated, it is unsafe for you to be in the affected area. Exposure to drugs or their residues is extremely dangerous.

Do Contact Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement drug units will be able to collect necessary evidence and ensure the lab is dismantled and removed safely.

Do have Post Testing Performed

In order to confirm that your property has been thoroughly decontaminated or what additional steps may be necessary, post testing should be performed by a professional.

Do Contact your local Disaster Blaster

Disaster Blaster knows how to properly and safely remediate Meth Labs and the residues they leave behind!

What you should NOT do if you discover a Meth Lab

Don't try to remove Meth Lab equipment yourself

Meth Labs can be extremely volatile and dangerous. Do not attempt to disassemble or dispose of Meth Lab equipment or materials.

Don't hire unqualified contractors to perform Meth Lab Remediation

Meth Lab and Drug Remediation requires highly specialized equipment and training. Disaster Blaster is uniquely qualified to perform Meth Lab Remediation safely and effectively.
*Service offerings may differ per franchise location

Don't try to clean it up yourself

Contact with Meth Lab residues can result in an overdose and death, so do not attempt to clean it yourself.

Don't just cover it up

Meth lab residue is an issue for two reasons.
1) It doesn’t provide a great surface for paint.
2) Even when covered over, Meth Lab residue continues to off-gas, creating a health hazard. Covering up Meth Lab residue is ineffective and can even make Remediation more costly.

Don't attempt to keep contaminated items and toys

Items that cannot safely be decontaminated should be disposed of as part of the Meth Lab Remediation project. It is
unsafe to attempt to save these items.

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