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When disaster strikes, you deserve a team that will make things right as quickly as possible.  At Disaster Blaster we recognize the importance of immediate response to emergency events such as water damage and storm events and our teams are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

That means that when you experience water damage from a pipe break or roof leak, our emergency response teams are here to help.  When a storm passes through and damages your roof or siding, or water enters your home through this storm damage, our team of experts will evaluate your needs and take steps to begin the process of addressing these issues.  When a home fire occurs and doors or windows need to be boarded up, we’ll be there.  We take this commitment seriously and are always here to help.

Get Help Now!

Why you should call Disaster Blaster for Emergency Services

Disaster Blaster is there when you need us

Disaster Blaster’s emergency response team is only ever a phone call away! Our trained specialists will come out to your property and immediately begin the process of preventing further damage and restoring your property!

Highly trained Emergency Response Teams

Disaster Blaster technicians, estimators, and managers are specially trained to address your Emergency Water Damage or Emergency Boardup needs, including water damage mitigation services to prevent further damage, boardup services, and restoration!

Emergency Water Damage Mitigation Services

At Disaster Blaster, we understand that Water Damage continues to worsen over time, causing additional damage and even mold growth! Our team of Emergency Water Damage Mitigation Specialists will immediately begin the process of preventing further damage and drying your home.

Emergency Storm Damage Response Services

Whether it’s an extreme storm event such as a tornado, hurricane, or flood, or a powerful storm that went through your area, storm damage is a common occurrence. The experienced Storm Damage Response Teams at Disaster Blaster are able to begin the process of addressing this storm damage as quickly as possible for you!

Emergency Boardup Services

Following a fire or extreme storm event, boardup may be necessary to prevent further damage. Disaster Blaster professionals are able to assist with a wide range of boardup needs including windows, doors, and roofs.

We work with your Insurance Company

We understand that an emergency event such as water damage, storm damage, or fire is a stressful thing and are here to help. Our skilled team works with your insurance company to address emergency response needs and review needed repairs!

What types of property damage require emergency response?

Emergency response is necessary whenever there is potential for the damage to worsen or future damage may occur.  A few common examples include:

Water Damage – Once water damage occurs, it is a ticking clock as the more time that goes by, the worse the damage will ultimately be.  In addition to serious additional damages such as mold growth, water will continue to wick into previously dry building materials, dramatically increasing the extent of damages.  As water damage worsens quickly, we strongly recommend contacting your local Disaster Blaster right away so that an emergency response team can start assisting you as quickly as possible.

Sewage Backup / Biohazard Cleanup – Due to the high level of contaminants in sewage water and the potential for you or your family to be exposed to dangerous pathogens, sewage backup and biohazard situations should be addressed immediately.

Storm Damage – Mother nature can leave a lot of damage in her wake, and that damage often provides an opportunity for further moisture intrusion and damage.  While it may only look like a few missing shingles or some broken siding, that damage leaves your home exposed to potential additional damage.  Disaster Blaster’s team of professionals will evaluate the storm damage and take steps to prevent further damage before it even occurs!

Fire / Boardup – When fire occurs, it is common for there to be damage to roofing, windows, or doors that may need to be boarded up to prevent rain, snow, or even animals from getting into your home.  When boardup is necessary, Disaster Blaster’s team will be able to assist in addressing these issues and can even review the damages with your insurance company to speed up approval of the restoration services.

Do you work with my insurance company?


Disaster Blaster is happy to work with all insurance companies and will prepare documentation, photographs, and billings / estimates to make their handling of your claim easier.

Following the emergency services, your local Disaster Blaster team will be able to help review the extent of damages, necessary repairs, and the scope of work still necessary with your insurance adjuster so that this work can be approved as quickly as possible.

What happens after the emergency services have been completed?

Once the emergency services are completed, we will review the scope of work / repairs still necessary at your property with your insurance adjuster and will request approval for this work.  This process can take some time as your adjuster will need to review everything, along with your policy, before they will approve the work to begin.

Once approved, your local Disaster Blaster team will work to get the remaining services scheduled with you as quickly as possible.

What if there’s Mold?

Mold is a common issue that we discover following emergency water damage events, but don’t worry, Disaster Blaster is able to assist you with any necessary Mold Remediation as well!  With decades of experience in the industry, Disaster Blaster offers a wide range of services to help you get your home back to normal.

What you should do if you discover property damage

Do Contact your local Disaster Blaster

Disaster Blaster knows how to address Emergency Water Damage, Storm Damage, and Boardup issues, and can begin preparing the necessary documentation for your insurance company!

Do Contact a Plumber when necessary

For broken pipes or backups, a plumber will be necessary to repair the broken pipe or unclog the blockage. In the meantime, turn off water to the broken pipe whenever possible.

Do Document Damage

Take pictures of any property damage that you see, including water damage to your home and contents, and keep a list of anything that has to be disposed of.

Do Clean up Standing Water

The longer water sits, the more damage it can do, so it’s important to mop up as much as you can.

Do Turn Off Electric

When safe to do so, turn off power to the area of your home affected by water damage.

Do Save Documents & Receipts

Your Insurance Company will need any documentation or receipts that you have to assist you with your claim. We recommend saving any documentation or receipts related to the damages at your property or out-of-pocket expenses caused by those damages so that you can review potential reimbursement opportunities with your insurance adjuster.

What you should NOT do if you discover property damage

Don't try to Clean it up or Repair it yourself

Water Damage Mitigation, Storm Damage Response, and Boardup services can be dangerous, so it’s important to leave these services to the professionals.

Don't Wait to Start Emergency Services

The longer you wait to begin the water damage mitigation or boardup process, the greater the chances for additional damage and mold growth.

Don't hire unqualified contractors

The insurance claims process and the damage caused by water damage, storm damage, or fire events, can be complex.  Disaster Blaster teams are uniquely qualified to assist with these specialized services.

Don't Complete Repairs Until Everything is Dry

Completing repairs before everything is dry can lead to mold and other issues.

Don't Assume Things are Dry

What ‘feels dry’ often isn’t dry. This is why Disaster Blaster Pros use specialized equipment to monitor drying on every Water Damage.

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