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smoke and fire cleanup

A fire is a very traumatic experience and we at Disaster Blaster recognize that. It is our goal to help you through the process of any necessary emergency boardup and drying to detailed cleaning and final repairs.  When disaster strikes, we’re here to make things rightTM.

Your experienced local Disaster Blaster office can assist with all phases of your fire or smoke damage cleanup. As a full service firm, we are able to assist with the emergency boardup and mitigation services, content inventory and cleaning, move out services should they be necessary, structural cleaning, odor removal, and repairs.

But at Disaster Blaster we also recognize the emotional impact fire and smoke damage can have.  That’s why we are also here to guide you through the process and provide any support you may need from us.  We can take photos of the damage for your insurance company, meet with or arrange specialty trades or inspectors, and review your claim with your insurance company so that they can quickly approve the work necessary.

Get Help Now!

Why you should call Disaster Blaster after a Fire

Disaster Blaster is there when you need us

Fire can happen at any time, and may require emergency boardup or tarping services. Your local Disaster Blaster team is here 24/7 for emergency needs!

High Trained Fire Damage Specialists

Disaster Blaster technicians, estimators, and managers are specially trained to address the needs of your fire and smoke damage.

We work with your Insurance Company

We understand that a home fire is a stressful thing and are here to help. Our skilled team works with your insurance company to address emergency response needs and review needed repairs!

Easier insurance claims

Disaster Blaster understands insurance claims and will be able to document damages and prepare the necessary paperwork for your insurance company so that you don’t have to.

Disaster Blaster does more

It can be frustrating managing multiple contractors. Disaster Blaster performs more services than other companies in our industry so you don’t need as many contractors. And if something is necessary that we don’t do, we’ll manage that process too so you don’t have to!

What does Disaster Blaster do after Fire & Smoke Damage?

At Disaster Blaster, our job is to restore your home following a disaster. In the case of fire and smoke damage, we can help in many different ways, including:
• Emergency boardup
• Drying and Mitigation services
• Structure cleaning
• Content cleaning
• Pack out / in services and content storage
• Deodorization
• Construction / Repairs

What is a Furnace Puffback

A Furnace Puffback is the result of a faulty ignition in your furnace, resulting in a discharge of smoke and soot throughout your home. This soot travels through ductwork and cavities, allowing it to spread to distant parts of the home. This soot then accumulates on ceilings, walls, floors, and on content items, making cleaning after a Puffback a time intensive process.

We had a Furnace Puffback, can we clean this up ourselves?

For the most part, No. The soot residue on ceilings and walls require specialized products and procedures to clean in order to reduce the necessity for painting. Additionally, smoke and soot is able to penetrate hard to reach areas of the home such as basement and attic rafters, ductwork, and cavities, making effective removal of the soot and the associated odor difficult.

What you should do after a Home Fire

Do Contact your local Disaster Blaster

Disaster Blaster knows how to clean up fire & smoke damage and is also knowledgeable in the insurance claims process.

Do Protect Plumbing

If your fire occurred in the winter, you may need to have a plumber winterize the property to prevent frozen pipes.

Do Document Damage

Take pictures of all of the damage to your home, contents, and yard, and keep a list of anything that has to be disposed of.

Do Save Receipts

Save everything. Contractor bills, hotel and dinner receipts, material receipts… Your Insurance company will need these.

Do Prevent Further Damage

You may need to have your roof tarped or windows boarded up, or drying services started, to prevent additional moisture damage.

What you should NOT do after a Home Fire

Don't Enter the Home

Until your home is deemed safe, it’s important to stay outside. A Fire Marshal should conduct an inspection and let you know when you can go in.

Don’t Take Your Laundry to a Normal Dry Cleaner

Not all dry cleaners can handle smoke-damaged items. Your local Disaster Blaster will have someone they work with that they can refer.

Don’t Use Water, Electric, or Gas

Fires can damage supply lines and electrical wiring. It’s best to avoid using these utilities until you know they’re not damaged.

Don’t Save or Use Contaminated Food or Medicine

If food or medicine was contaminated with smoke, it has to be thrown away. Don’t forget to make a list of these items for your insurance company.

Don’t Start Cleaning Yourself

Smoke cleaning is very specialized. If you try to clean it yourself, you could make it worse!

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