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mold mitigation service

There are a lot of questions when you discover a mold issue.  How bad is it?  What caused the mold to develop?  Should I be concerned for my health?  Fortunately, your local Disaster Blaster has answers!  Specializing in Mold removal and remediation services, Disaster Blaster has been at the forefront of the mold industry for decades.  We know what it takes to not only address the existing mold issue, but also work with you to address the underlying cause so that the mold issue doesn’t come back in a few months.  This unique approach to mold remediation is what sets Disaster Blaster apart from the rest of our industry – we call it the Disaster Blaster Difference!

If you have a mold issue in your home, call the experts at your local Disaster Blaster for the highest level of expertise, service, and commitment to addressing your issue.  Our goal goes well beyond addressing your mold issue today, we want to make sure that you don’t need us again in the future too!  Don’t call the rest, call the best at Disaster Blaster!

Get Help Now!

Why you should call Disaster Blaster when you have Mold

Disaster Blaster is there when you need us

No one expects to have a mold issue, which is why Disaster Blaster is only ever a phone call away! Our trained specialists will come out to your property, assess your issue, prepare a detailed estimate, and get your mold remediation project scheduled right away!

High Trained Mold Remediation Specialists

Disaster Blaster technicians, estimators, and managers are specially trained to address the needs of your mold issue, including the visible mold growth, invisible mold spores, and the moisture issue that allowed the mold to grow in the first place!

We can help prevent Mold from coming back

At Disaster Blaster, we don’t just address your mold issue, we also provide a wide range of preventative services. From Basement Waterproofing to humidity control, We have the expertise to address the moisture issue so that the mold doesn’t come back!

Project Financing may be available

We understand that mold issues are often unexpected, which is why we’ve worked hard to make project financing available to our customers!
*Restrictions may apply.

Disaster Blaster has the right equipment

Proper mold remediation requires the right equipment – and Disaster Blaster has it! Whether our trained technicians are containing off an area contaminated with mold, cleaning mold spores out of the air, or tracing the path of moisture, we’re always prepared.

What is Mold?

Mold is a living organism that naturally exists in the outdoor environment. As part of mold’s lifecycle, it regularly produces and releases mold spores into the air as a means to propagate the next generation of mold to new areas and surfaces. Every time you open your door or window, mold spores are coming into your home.

While this is generally not an issue, when the conditions are right, mold growth is able to develop in our homes and businesses. This can create a number of issues in buildings, as mold can quickly contaminate previously unaffected rooms and even different floors of your property! As a result, it’s important to have mold issues resolved quickly by a qualified professional.

What causes Mold Issues?

When mold spores land in an environment that is hospitable to growth, mold begins to develop. Essentially, mold requires only 3 things to develop – A food source, moisture, and time. Since most of the building components in our homes are ideal food sources, there isn’t much we can do about that. Similarly, time is difficult to control when you may not realize that a mold issue is progressing early on. What can be controlled is moisture; this is why addressing moisture issues such as leaks and humidity issues is so important.

When a leak or humidity issue occurs and is not addressed promptly, mold will be able to develop on these affected surfaces. Over time this mold growth can spread to cover more and more building materials.

Does Mold make you sick?

Studies are ongoing to determine the full extent of mold exposure on our health. The understanding of the health effects of exposure to molds in homes and businesses still remains quite limited, but we learn more every day. While we have determined that a number of molds do produce mycotoxins, which have been shown to cause upper respiratory issues, trigger allergic reactions, and aggravate asthma, we have not been able to prove that any particular mold does not produce mycotoxins. In fact, many in the scientific community now believe that we simply are not yet able to test for the mycotoxin compounds produced by some molds.

Some studies have also shown a relationship between the extent or duration of exposure to mold growth and its spores to short and long term health effects from severe headaches, rashes, muscle pain, new or increased response to allergens, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, to more severe conditions such as hair loss, anxiety or depression, insomnia, fatigue, recurring infections, and autoimmune issues. This is known as “Mold Toxicity”, and an area of research that is of particular concern for individuals exposed to mold growth or its spores.

Does Homeowners Insurance cover Mold?

Possibly. Depending upon your insurance policy, you may have coverage for mold contamination that results from an otherwise covered loss.

For example, if you have a roof leak and mold develops as a result, your policy may include coverage to address the mold issue as well. It is extremely important however to ensure that you schedule mitigation and drying services immediately. Mold that results from failure to properly or adequately mitigate a water issue is generally not covered under the policy.

What is Mold Remediation?

As part of the mold remediation process, a qualified professional will not only remove visible mold growth and contaminated building materials, but will also diligently remove the mold spores as well. This is particularly important, as the mold spores are believed to be the primary cause of mold related illness and allergic reactions.

Finally, your Disaster Blaster team will make recommendations to address the underlying cause, preventing mold issues from developing in the future! This is what we call The Disaster Blaster Difference, and what sets us apart from the rest of the industry!

What is the difference between Mold Removal and Mold Remediation?

Mold Remediation is the technical term for the removal of mold growth and the invisible mold spores that may be in the air and on surfaces. This process is incredibly detailed and requires specialized training, equipment, and procedures to ensure that the work is performed properly and the mold issue has been effectively resolved.

Your local Disaster Blaster specializes in Mold Remediation services and is able to evaluate the steps necessary to address your existing mold issue, including the visible mold growth and the invisible mold spores, and take steps to further prevent mold from returning in the future.

What you should do if you find Mold

Do Contact your local Disaster Blaster

Disaster Blaster knows how to address mold issues and the moisture and humidity problems that cause them!

Do Fix the Source of the Moisture Issue

Mold requires moisture or humidity to grow. So addressing the cause of the moisture issue that allowed the mold to grow in the first place should be part of any Mold Remediation plan.

Do Limit Access to the Affected Area

Until the mold issue has been properly addressed, you and your family should avoid going into that area as much as possible.

Do Compare Estimates

Many discount Mold Remediation companies skip important steps. Disaster Blaster doesn’t. If something isn’t in a competitor’s estimate, that means they aren’t doing it. This could mean that you’ll need to have the mold issue addressed again in the future.

Turn Off HVAC Systems

Mold spores could be carried throughout your home by your HVAC System. Turning your heating and air conditioning off temporarily (when possible) can prevent cross-contamination of other areas.

What you should NOT do if you find Mold

Don't Attempt to Dry it Yourself

Improper drying can make mold issues much worse. Something as simple as the air movement from a fan could be spreading mold spores into other areas.

Don't Move Content Items out of the Affected Area

Items in the mold contaminated area will likely have mold spores on them. Moving them to other areas of your home could spread the mold contamination.

Don't Wait

Mold issues can worsen quickly. When you discover a mold problem, contact your local Disaster Blaster
right away so that it can be addressed before additional damage occurs.

Don't Paint Over the Mold Growth

Paint does not solve the problem, it only covers up the existing mold growth. In addition, since it doesn’t address the mold contamination or mold spores, mold that is simply painted over will just come back.

Don't Try to Clean it Yourself

While many people believe that common household cleaners “kill” mold, they can actually make a mold issue worse. Mold Remediation is a specialized process.

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