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Do you need someone to keep an eye on your home while you're away? We're Here For You!


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What are Homecheck™ Services?

When you’re away from your home for an extended period of time, it’s important to know that your home is in good hands. It’s important to know that a qualified professional is checking on your property regularly and looking for things like water and storm damage, mechanical failure, and forced entry. Whether you’re going to be away for the season, longer, or something in between, we’re happy to watch your home while you’re away. Please contact our offices today to discuss your needs, we’re happy to help!

Who needs Homecheck™ Services?

Any property that will be vacant for an extended period of time should be checked on regularly by a qualified professional.

Some examples include:

• Vacation Homes

• Seasonal Homes

• Rental Units

• Vacant Properties

• Primary Residence during extended travel

What we check for

During our extensive inspection of your property, we look for anything that may be out of the ordinary. This includes:

• Water Leaks

• Storm Damage

• Mechanical Systems (Furnace, Hot Water Heater, Sump Pumps, Thermostats, etc. are functional)

• Oil Tanks

• Forced Entry

• Rodents & Insects

• Indicators of a Vacant Property (accumulated mail & circulars, unkept yard, etc.)

• And More!

Additional services available

We realize that when you’re in town, you want to enjoy yourself, not be worried about property maintenance and renovations. For this reason, we are happy to handle any projects you may want completed while you’re away! Some examples include:

• Painting

• Remodeling

• Cleaning

• Winterizataion

• Lawn Maintenance