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basement water damage

Basement Waterproofing

Being experts in Water Damage Mitigation and Mold Remediation, we understand the importance of proper basement waterproofing to prevent these issues in the first place. That’s why, at Disaster Blaster, we offer a full service solution. From effective waterproofing solutions to prevent future damage to foundation repair and humidity control, we have the solution for your basement waterproofing needs!


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Whether we are currently remediating an existing mold issue, or you want to avoid these problems in the future, our experts will work with you to design an effective basement waterproofing plan that suits your needs. Give us a call and let us help you solve your wet basement problems today!

Basement Foundation Repair

Moisture intrusion through the foundation can result in significant long term issues such as cracking and shifting of your foundation walls and floor. By taking some steps now to remedy these issues before they worsen, you can avoid unnecessary additional expense and continued damage.

Disaster Blaster utilizes industry proven epoxies and cements, as well as state of the art fastening systems, to ensure a long, secure, hold and an effective barrier to future water intrusion. Through our multi-stage process, we will work to address the source of moisture intrusion and repair foundation damage that has already occurred, restoring structural integrity and preventing further damage.

Sump Pump System Installation

Many basements in Northeastern PA suffer from moisture issues due to a high water table. The simplest and often most effective solution to this particular issue is the proper installation of a sump pump. But the most effective sump pump is a working sump pump, so Disaster Blaster offers a wide range of options including sump pumps with battery backups and secondary pumps to ensure your peace of mind!