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Why Waterproofing Should Be Part of Your Mold Project

Wet Foundation

Resolving a Mold issue properly is extremely important. When the job is completed however, you want to make sure that it doesn’t come back.

That’s where effective Basement Waterproofing comes in. Because at the end of the day, mold remediation may have been necessary, but it shouldn’t be necessary AGAIN.

Do I need Basement Waterproofing?

Not all mold issues require basement waterproofing, but at Disaster Blaster, we pride ourselves on our commitment to thoroughly addressing your issue so that you won’t need us again. In cases where mold issues are the result of moisture intrusion through your basement’s foundation, or a high water table, our experts will recommend and design a project that will not only address the mold issue, but the underlying moisture issue as well.

While basement waterproofing is not a solution to every issue, where appropriate, basement waterproofing will eliminate the source of moisture and mold, ensuring a safe, comfortable, living environment for years to come!

When should Basement Waterproofing be performed?

Any time that water is entering your basement through the foundation, you have potential for short and long term moisture damage and mold growth. Addressing the moisture issue effectively, and as part of a Mold Remediation project, only makes sense to ensure that the mold growth won’t return in the future.

In cases where Basement Waterproofing is recommended, we suggest that the waterproofing services be performed as part of the mold remediation services and by a team that is qualified to perform these services. By completing the waterproofing services as part of the mold project, you are able to ensure that mold spore counts are kept low and mold growth is not given an opportunity to begin to thrive once more in a basement that still has a moisture issue. Keep in mind that it only takes 3 days for mold to begin to grow again, so delays in addressing the moisture issue itself can quickly lead to additional problems.

What does Basement Waterproofing entail?

Whether you have cracks in your foundation that are allowing moisture to enter your basement during heavy rains, or a high water table that is causing a persistently wet slab, these issues can lead to long term, and serious, issues.

Basement waterproofing professionals may need to repair cracks in your foundation, install interior drainage systems or sump pumps, or repair gutters and downspouts. A professional mitigation and waterproofing contractor will design a project that addresses your home’s unique needs.

We recognize the importance of having a dry basement to ensure that mold won’t return in the future. This is why we work so hard to ensure that moisture issues are addressed as part of the mold remediation services. Disaster Blaster is the only mold remediation firm that also offers basement waterproofing services.

Should you have a Mold issue or a Basement Moisture problem, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Disaster Blaster office! We’re happy to help!

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