Information for Home Buyers

At Disaster Blaster, we aren't just the company you call when you suffer an Insurance Claim. With a range of service offerings to meet the needs of Real Estate Buyers and Sellers, and a focus on closing dates, we can gladly say that We're Here For You!

In addition to our commitment to a smooth process for your customers, being true Indoor Environment Experts, our expertise extends well beyond that of a standard cleaning company. Approaching each unique property and situation with a focus on the most cost effective solution available is what we do every day, and what we're here for.

Tips When Buying a Home:

1. Hire a trusted Realtor
2. Research different areas, make a list of what features are important to you.
School District, Distance to major roads (Interstate Hwy), Distance to stores, etc.
3. Compile a list of must-haves for the home and give to your Realtor.
4. Get pre-approved for a mortgage, if necessary.
5. Find the perfect home.
6. Pack!