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Information for Insurance Agents

At Disaster Blaster, we realize that our customers are also your customers. As such, we strive throughout the process to not only assist your customer through what is often a confusing claims process, but also to keep you informed of the status of the project.

In addition to our commitment to a smooth process for your customers, being true Indoor Environment Experts, we are committed to offering information and training to those in the Insurance and Realty industries. While we are always available should you have a need for us, we do offer Continuing Education Courses periodically throughout the year as well and look forward to seeing you there!

Did one of your insured’s experience a claim?
We can help!

Not a covered claim? We can still help!

At Disaster Blaster, we realize that the need for our services are often unplanned, and when these damages aren’t covered by insurance these expenses can be daunting. For this reason, Disaster Blaster is proud to offer Project Financing to our customers. In this way, even when your insured’s damages aren’t covered, we can help them complete the necessary services and repairs, and return their home to its prior condition. By referring Disaster Blaster to your clients, whether insured or not, you’re setting them on a path to restore their lives, not just their homes, efficiently and affordably!


We don’t just restore your home to pre-loss condition, we assist you throughout the process!

In our further committment to helping you through a confusing and stressfull process, we have developed My Claim File, an EXCLUSIVE product to help you bring some order to what can feel like a chaotic process!