Smoke & Fire - Frequently Asked Questions

Fire and Smoke Damage

I keep my house very clean, but there are cobwebs everywhere?

We hear this a lot, and these are not cobwebs, nor are they an indication that your home was not clean. We're sure that it was! What you're actually seeing are chains of carbon that string together and look like cobwebs. This is actually a result of the smoke damage and nothing else.

What is a Furnace Puffback?

A Furnace Puffback is the result of a faulty ignition in your furnace, resulting in a discharge of smoke and soot throughout your home. This soot travels through ductwork and cavities, allowing it to spread to distant parts of the home. This soot then accumulates on ceilings, walls, floors, and on content items, making cleaning after a Puffback a time intensive process.

We had a Furnace Puffback, can we clean this up ourselves?

For the most part, No. The soot residue on ceilings and walls require specialized products and procedures to clean in order to reduce the necessity for painting. Additionally, smoke and soot is able to penetrate hard to reach areas of the home such as basement and attic rafters, ductwork, and cavities, making effective removal of the soot and the associated odor difficult.

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