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What is Wedding Insurance?

Bride and Groom at Wedding

When you’re planning your big day, the last thing you want to think about is the potential for something to go wrong. As much as we hope your wedding goes off without a hitch (except for the wedding variety), bad weather, lost rings, and sudden venue or DJ cancelations do happen.

That’s where Wedding Insurance comes in!

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding Insurance is intended to protect a couple’s investment from things that are beyond your control. Think about all of the moving parts when planning a wedding and the additional cost last minute changes can add up to.

What if the wedding hall or venue goes out of business a month before your wedding? Not only do you now need to find another venue at the last minute (likely at a significant additional cost), but you may have lost your deposit as well!

Did the limo service not show up? You may be able to find another service last minute, but you’re likely going to be paying a premium.

Was your wedding dress damaged during your hasty preparations? You may be able to find a tailor that’s able to fix it for an expensive alteration fee.

And the list of potential hiccups and issues goes on from there.

Hopefully you won’t experience any of these issues on your wedding day, but you’ll feel much more comfortable knowing that coverage is there to help with these unforeseen additional costs should you need it.

How does Wedding Insurance work?

Wedding Insurance covers the additional unforeseen expenses that can crop up when things don’t quite go as planned. Basically, it reimburses these additional costs as you incur them so that they aren’t ultimately your responsibility. You do need to pay these expenses upfront and show proof of the additional cost when submitting your claim. Sorry, but you’re still responsible for whatever the cost would have been had the issue not occurred.

What does Wedding Insurance cover?

Wedding Insurance generally covers problems with the venue, weather, vendors (food service, dj’s, etc.), key people, sickness, and injury that could complicate your big day. Wedding Insurance is generally divided into several different covered perils, all with their own maximum coverages and deductibles.

Here are a few things commonly covered under Wedding Insurance policies. Check your policy for coverages specific to your wedding.

Venue / Site: Wedding Insurance can cover the additional costs arising from an unavoidable cancelation. Examples would be cases where the venue has closed down, suffered damage such as Fire or Water Damage, or lost power. In these cases, Wedding Insurance will cover the additional cost that may be incurred in finding and booking a new venue. These costs can be significant, particularly if booking at the last minute.

Weather: In cases where weather conditions prevent the wedding from proceeding or in cases where the bride, groom, or a majority of the guests are unable to get to or attend the wedding, Wedding Insurance will cover rescheduling the wedding. This includes the cost of any details involved, including food service, flowers, transportation, venue rental, etc.

Vendor No-Show: Did the caterer or officiant not show up? It’s difficult to proceed with a wedding without certain key people, so in cases where something like this happens, the Wedding Insurance will cover costs associated to rescheduling the wedding.

Sickness or Injury: If the bride, groom, or essential family member gets sick or injured and can’t attend the wedding, Wedding Insurance will cover the costs of rescheduling the wedding for a later date when everyone is hopefully feeling better.

Military Deployment or Job Move: If the bride or groom are suddenly deployed or relocated for their job and the wedding is no longer able to proceed as planned, Wedding Insurance will pay to reschedule the wedding at a later date and, if necessary, a different location.

Wedding Gifts: Theft or damage to wedding gifts while at the location of the wedding or often at the new married couple’s home are often covered for a limited period of time.

What does Wedding Insurance NOT cover?

Wedding Insurance is great for taking some of the stress out of your wedding day, but it doesn’t cover everything that could go wrong. Here are a few things that often are not included:

Cold Feet: If the bride or groom has a change of heart, this would not be covered under Wedding Insurance.

Jewelry and Watches: While the wedding bands themselves are often covered for loss or damage (check your policy), other jewelry, including engagement rings often are not.

Do you need Wedding Insurance?

The peace of mind that Wedding Insurance provides can greatly reduce stress when the unthinkable happens, which many couples view as being well worth its cost. Before you purchase Wedding Insurance however, it’s a good idea to check with the venue and your vendors to see how well they’re covered. This way, you can speak to a local insurance agent to find a Wedding Insurance policy that will fit your needs without duplicating coverages already available through your vendors.

We hope you found this information helpful in answering some of your questions about Wedding Insurance! For more detailed information, we recommend contacting your local insurance agent, who will be more than happy to assist you in preparing for your big day.

From everyone here at Disaster Blaster, congratulations on your impending nuptials, we hope your big day is everything you want it to be!

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