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Tips for saving money on your home remodel

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With the price of materials on the rise, it’s understandable that cost would be on your mind when planning a remodel.  You may even be wondering if you can complete your project now at all…

The good news is that there are ways you can reduce the cost of your project.  With some creative planning, and perhaps a few reasonable concessions, you could be making use of your new space in no time – and on budget!

While not unique to this current economic climate, below are some tips for saving money on your remodeling project!

Avoid structural changes

Whether major or minor, structural changes significantly add to the bottom line.  These could be as simple as replacing a window with a newer window of a different size, to more substantial changes like taking out a wall.  Unless it’s integral to your project (such as facilitating the open floor plan you dream of), you can often save a significant expense by avoiding structural changes.  In some cases you may be able to meet in the middle by, for instance, opening up a section of wall that won’t have a structural impact, for a fraction of the cost!

Don’t move electrical or plumbing

While some plumbing or electrical work may be necessary, substantial changes to the location of these services can add a significant cost.  Where possible, limiting these changes can result in a big savings to your bottom line.

Reuse materials where possible

Could your cabinets be reused or refaced?  Where possible, consider reusing materials to reduce your overall project costs.  Most cabinet manufacturers also sell their cabinet doors separately, so you may be able to replace the doors on your existing cabinets and get the same look at a huge discount!

Repurpose whatever you can

Do you have a credenza or dresser that would make a unique base cabinet?  How about some antique wood for an accent wall?  These aren’t just potentially huge cost savings, they’re spectacular (and unique) features that can wow your family and friends!  Any item that you don’t need to purchase is money in your pocket.

Decide on your “splurge” items from the beginning

It’s your project and you deserve to be thrilled with the final result.  By picking a couple of areas to splurge on, you can get the look you want while making cuts elsewhere!  So whether you fell in love with a high-end hardware style or you always dreamed of glass kitchen cabinet doors, keeping to your budget doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want, it just means you may need to be creative in other ways.

DIY what you can

Can you complete the tearout yourself?  How about the painting?  If you can complete some of the work yourself, that’s work you don’t need to hire a pro for.  Just keep in mind that you want to make sure that you don’t delay your contractor, as this could lead to additional cost.  For this reason we recommend DIY’ers pick tasks at either the beginning or end of the project.

Important note: Whenever considering completing work yourself, always be aware of potential hazards such as electrical issues, structural members and supports, and Asbestos containing materials.  Work that may impact any potential hazards should be completed by a professional.

Stick to a budget

Keeping in mind that you should consider standard project overruns when planning your budget, it’s important to keep your budget in mind throughout your remodel.  No one has ever stuck to a budget without ever thinking about it again.  So, wherever you are in your project, from designing the floor plan and selecting the materials to choosing last minute finishes, it’s important to consider how these choices will impact your bottom line.

We hope that the current economic situation hasn’t discouraged you from completing the home remodel of your dreams.  Given a little creativity, this could be an opportunity to make a project distinctively yours in ways that you may not have ever considered previously.  Unique touches add an element to a room that looks custom, and expensive – but doesn’t need to be.

Happy remodeling!

Did you run into an issue such as Water Damage, Mold, Or Asbestos during your remodel?  Don’t hesitate to Contact Your Local Disaster Blaster! We’re always here to help!

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