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Cleaning Tips from the Pros!

Woman Cleaning

Whether you’re looking for tips to speed up your cleaning, or suggestions to remove stubborn marks or stains, the experts have the answers.

There isn’t much that cleaning professionals haven’t seen (and cleaned!). Here are some of their favorite tips for ensuring your home cleaning goes smoothly!

Keep Organized

Cleaning goes a lot faster when everything you’ll need is within reach. We recommend keeping commonly used cleaning supplies in the rooms that you use them in, this way you don’t need to get everything around every time you’re going to be cleaning.

Use vinegar to clean shower head buildup

Mineral deposits can be difficult to clean. Instead of trying to clean this by hand, which will be extremely time consuming, fill a zip-top bag with white vinegar, place it over your shower head, and use a rubber band to secure the bag. Allow the vinegar some time to work (at least 30 minutes to overnight depending on how much buildup is on your showerhead), and repeat if necessary.

Use a tennis ball to remove shoe scuffs

Have your kids running through the house left scuffs on your floors? While scuffs can be removed while mopping, this requires a lot of elbow grease. Instead, try using a tennis ball to remove the scuffs first. You’ll likely be amazed at how easily this removes even the worst scuff marks!

Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpets

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably amazed by the amount of hair that can come off of our pets! This can be difficult and time consuming to vacuum up as well. A squeegee is a great alternative, because it is able to pull the pet hair right off of the carpet, allowing you to clean it up much more easily.

Use a lint roller to clean lamp shades

Lamp shades collect a tremendous amount of dust. The easiest way to get your lampshades clean is to use a lint roller. Not only will this be much faster than the multiple passes traditional cleaning would require, but throwing away the collected dust is a breeze!

Keep a toothbrush in your cleaning caddy

Often overlooked, a toothbrush can be a lifesaver! Whether you’re trying to clean the sink faucet or the corner of your tub / shower, some of these areas just aren’t made for hands. Worse yet, they tend to be areas that are prone to getting dirty. Instead of struggling to get these areas clean, just get out a toothbrush instead!

We hope these cleaning tips from the pros help you make short work of your cleaning tasks!

As always, if you run across something that requires a professional, such as Mold or Water Damage, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Disaster Blaster office, we’re happy to help!

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