Radon With Choice!


From the beginning, Disaster Blaster has leveraged our extensive experience and industry knowledge to provide customers with unmatched expertise and choice. It was with this philosophy in mind that we decided to offer customers of our Radon Services not only a job done right, but a job with choices.

As such, when contracting with Disaster Blaster for your Radon Mitigation System, you will receive the following options and benefits:

Choice Of Packages:

In an effort to allow customers to choose a product that best serves their needs, we are proud to offer both a Basic package as well as our all-inclusive Elite package. Customers opting for our Basic package will get a single suction point and a Radon Test Kit for conducting post testing. In many cases the Basic package is all that is required to mitigate the building of unacceptable radon levels. For our customers that prefer the peace of mind of knowing that the price of their system will never increase regardless of what additional work (such as additional suction points or additional testing)* may be required, our Elite package is for you.

Selection Of Radon Fans:

In addition to our Standard Fan, Disaster Blaster proudly offers the option of upgrading to a more Compact Fan model or the Premium Fan. All fans include a 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. A description and photos of these fans follows:

Standard Radon Fan

Standard Fan

• Quiet Operation
• Rated for Commercial and Residential Use
• Energy cost of approximately $ 30 - $ 40 per year

Compact Radon Fan

Compact Fan

• Smaller, more compact fan
• Quiet Operation
• Rated for Commercial and Residential Use
• Energy cost of approximately $ 30 - $ 40 per year

Premium Radon Fan

Premium Fan

• Increased Performance
• Designed to blend in with utility boxes
• Conceals power cord and switch
• Quiet Operation
• Energy cost of approximately $ 30 - $ 40 per year

High Vacuum Radon Fan

High Vacuum Fan

• Quiet Operation
• Increased performance in high vacuum applications
• Energy cost of approximately $ 60 - $ 70 per year
• Our staff will recommend this fan in cases where we feel it will be appropriate

Custom Painted Exhaust Pipes and Fan Casings:

As every house is different, we have always strived to hide the Radon System as best as possible. To that end, we have always offered custom painted exhaust pipes and fan casings to match the exterior of your home. In this way the Radon Mitigation System is hidden as best as possible.

Should you have any questions about Radon Mitigation Systems or the choices available through Disaster Blaster, please do not hesitate to Contact Our Offices and remember:

*Elite Package is deemed effective, and our obligation met, once testing reports a Radon Level within acceptable Radon Levels (below 4.0 pCi/L).

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