Can My Remodeling Contractor Do Mold Remediation?

Mold Remediation

Imagine your remodeling contractor is in the middle of a renovation and discovers mold. What do you do now? Can your remodeling contractor "take care of" the mold too? Is he qualified?

Maybe your remodeling contractor is even claiming to know how to address the mold issue properly or saying they've "done it before". Do they really know what they're doing? Is there any reason to be concerned? Should you seek out a separate company specializing in Mold Remediation?

The fact is, while your contractor may do great work, he's not prepared for or properly trained to perform Mold Remediation, and here's why:

Training: Mold Remediation is a very specialized trade that requires steps and procedures designed specifically to prevent mold spores from spreading to unaffected areas of the home. Failure to follow these industry guidelines and procedures can result in significant additional mold contamination and structural damage.

Experience: Does your contractor list Mold Remediation on his business card and website? Does he specifically market this very specialized service? Does he have industry accreditations such as those provided by the IICRC? Is he properly insured to perform mold remediation work? If not, he is likely not committed to or specialized in Mold Remediation. A "Jack of all Trades" is unfortunately not going to be able to meet the needs of your project or be able to take the necessary precautions to complete it safely.

Equipment: Proper Mold Remediation doesn't use bleach. There is no "magic spray". Proper Mold Remediation relies on following proper remediation guidelines and use of specially designed equipment to ensure the removal of the mold growth and spores while preventing mold spores from spreading to other areas of the home. Performing mold remediation without the proper equipment is not only ineffective, but risks causing additional damage and contaminiation. It is not just a waste of money, it is potentially very costly.

Contamination: You may be able to see visible mold growth on some drywall or the rafters in your attic, but the mold spores themselves are invisible to the naked eye. As the mold colony grows, it will release more and more spores looking for suitable places to establish new colonies. For this reason, it is incredibly important to not only address these spores as part of the Mold Remediation, but to also prevent the spread of these spores to unaffected areas. The remediation and repair of previously unaffected areas can add up to a significant additional cost that would not have been necessary had the remediation been performed properly initially.

Insurance: While your contractor is likely insured for the work he normally does under a General Liability Policy, what many people don't realize is that specialty services such as Mold Remediation require equally specialized insurance coverages. These insurance coverages are quite expensive and your contractor will not have them. This means that should he spread mold to unaffected areas or cause additional damage due to improper mold remediation, you will not be covered or protected.

Cost: It should go without saying that it is generally more cost effective to have something done right the first time, but for the sake of an example, take this Bathroom Remodel. Upon tearing out the tub enclosure, the contractor found mold that they were more than happy to take care of for the home owner.

        Contractor's Bath Remodel: $ 4,500.00
        Contractor's Mold Bill: $ 1,000.00
        Disaster Blaster's Demo of completed remodel and proper Mold Remediation: $ 3,617.12

        Disaster Blaster's Bath Repair / Remodel: $ 6,874.03

In this example, the homeowner spent well over $ 5,500 in additional and unnecessary expense, as all of the work completed as part of the bathroom remodel had to be redone as part of a much more extensive repair. In addition to the wasted money on the original remodel and the contractor's mold "cleanup", the customer unfortunately was also responsible for a much more costly mold remediation and final remodel.

As you can see, Mold Remediation requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the proper processes and the inherent pitfalls. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to contract with an experienced Mold Remediation Company that specializes in that service. We at Disaster Blaster are not only specialized in Mold Remediation, but were the FIRST to offer Mold Remediation services to the Northeastern PA Area! Should you have a mold issue, please don't hesitate to Contact The Professionals At Disaster Blaster!

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