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What is a Meth Lab

Meth Lab

A property that is currently, or was previously, being used to produce Methamphetamine is known as a Meth Lab. Unfortunately, Meth Labs have become much more common in our area, having been found all across Northeastern PA. In fact, Meth Labs have been found in towns, cities, and even in rural areas. They've been found in properties the meth producer owned, in outbuildings such as garages and sheds, and even in tenant occupied units!

Is living in a Meth Lab dangerous?

The process used to create or "cook" Methamphetamine is incredibly dangerous, both during the cooking process, as well as long after the gross chemicals and production equipment have been removed.

A working Meth Lab can present a very real explosion hazard, and should not be tampered with under any circumstances. If you feel that you have discovered a Meth Lab, contact Law Enforcement immediately, as they can determine if the property is in fact safe.

Many people don't realize however, that during the production process, these hazardous chemicals become airborne and will leave a residue on structural components and contents throughout the property. These residual chemicals will continue to present a hazard to occupants until the property has been properly and successfully decontaminated by a company trained to properly perform this work. Due to the specialized procedures necessary, general cleaning by a "cleaning company" is not sufficient.

About Meth Lab Remediation

Meth Lab

In a time when new environmental hazards are being introduced to your homes and businesses, it's important to entrust the safety of your indoor environment to a true Indoor Environmental Expert that keeps up with not only changes in the industry, but new hazards as they present themselves. Meth Labs and the contamination that they leave behind is one such hazard, requiring specialized training and equipment in order to not only clean the property, but to reduce contaminants to a safe level. Disaster Blaster is proud to be a true Indoor Environmental Expert, and the Industry Leader in Northeastern Pennsylvania!

Once Decontamination work has been completed, it is necessary to have the property tested in order to confirm that the levels of Methamphetamine and other hazardous chemicals have been reduced to safe levels. While Disaster Blaster does not ourselves perform any testing services, viewing it as a conflict of interest, we are able to assist you in finding testers able to provide these services to you. Your safety and peace of mind is our number one goal and we are proud to have the opportunity to serve our local community.


If your home or rental property has, or you believe it to have, contained a Meth Lab, please don't hesitate to Contact the experts at Disaster Blaster!

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