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A Fulfilling Business Growth Opportunity

Build a business within the Important mitigation franchise space with your own Disaster Blaster franchise

Take Advantage of an Exceptional
Restoration Franchise Program

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Why would you join anyone else?

At Disaster Blaster, you can take advantage of a mitigation franchise business model designed for professionals like you, with a wide range of offerings that beat the competition and that can be customized to fit your local area and your growing business.

Here are reasons why joining us makes good business sense

Multiple revenue streams that begin with a core set of restoration service offerings with the option to expand to more unique service options based on market needs

Recognizable brand -a seen on the "World's Greatest" TV program!

Non-seasonal recession-resistant business model - property damage can happen at any time!

Flexible start-up -home office (for up to 12 months) or commercial space.

Build YOUR Business -The ability to build your own business and lead a team of your own.

Relatively low start-up costs

Your own franchise territory to serve!

Expert Leadership within the insurance claims space

A team with decades of experience to guide you as you grow your business.

Here are reasons why joining us makes good business sense

The restoration industry is worth $210 Billion and growing!

Up to 14,000 U.S. consumers are involved in water damage emergencies at their residence or business each day.

The average property insurance claim costs $8,787.00

An estimated 30 million homes and schools still contain Asbestos.

1 in every 15 homes in the United States is estimated to have a higher than acceptable level of Radon.

Water Damage and freezing account for nearly 30% of all homeowners insurance claims, for an average claims cost of $11,090

Fire and Lightning Damage accounts for over 35% of all homeowners insurance claims, for an average claims cost of $78,838

This is the time to join the restoration industry

As a mitigation franchise owner with Disaster Blaster, you can take your place within a meaningful and thriving industry.

Join Us

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