Final Repair Services

Before and After Repairs

With Disaster Blaster's professional state of the art equipment, it is our goal to perform the least amount of demolition required to remediate your Water, Smoke / Fire, or Mold job. Equipment such as our Wall Drying System, often allows us to dry out enclosed wall cavities without tearing out the wall. This saves you the expense of repairing unnecessary tearout and the inconvenience associated with it.

Before and After Repairs

It should be comforting to know however, that should some demolition be unavoidable, Disaster Blaster, as a full service company, is able to complete the final repairs as well. This provides you the convenience of one vendor completing your entire project. "Cleaning" or "Cleanup" companies do not offer this convenience.

Should you have a need for Final Repairs after damage to your home or business, or any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Our Offices.

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