Tip! Ice Dam Prevention!

Ice Dam Prevention

What is an Ice Dam? When a large amount of snow accumulates on a roof, heat loss from insufficient insulation and poor attic ventilation can melt the snow from the underside. As the water reaches the roof edge, where it's colder, it forms a dam. The dammed water backs up under the roofing and leaks into your home. If you have suffered an Ice Dam, please check out our Tips for what to do when you have an Ice Dam.

Ice Dams can be damaging to your roof, gutters, insulation and drywall. Most times, an ice dam goes undetected until there is significant structural or Water damage, even Mold. Here are some ways to prevent ice dams:

• Keep gutters clean

• Flash around chimneys

• Reduce direct sources of heat in the attic

• Increase attic floor insulation

• Grills should only be used outside:

• Properly ventilate roof, attic and eaves

• If doing work on your roof, make sure to install Ice & Water Shield properly

• Remove accumulated snow and ice from the edges of your roof being careful not to damage the shingles

Should you have a water issue as a result of an ice dam or other cause, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!

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