How to Clean Stains After the Party

Removing Party Stains

After the party is over and everyone has gone home, that's when you look around and assess the damage. Is that stain in the tablecloth going to come out? And even worse, is the one on the brand new carpet going to come clean? We have compiled several common party stains and their remedies to help you clean up from the "party of the year".

Keep in mind, there are two elements to take into account when cleaning a stain. First, what caused the stain, coffee, red wine, chocolate, etc.? And, what is the stain on, the carpet, your new dress, the countertop, etc. For any remedy, test a small, inconspicuous area first before trying to remove the stain itself. Unfortunately, there are some stains that will never come out but, they will certainly be a reminder of the epic party you threw.

For any stain, try not to let it set in. The best time to clean up a spill is when it is still wet. For small spills like wine, you can use salt or baking soda to soak up the liquid before treating the stain. Pre-treat the stain as quickly as possible so it doesn't dry and set. For laundry, try using a detergent with enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that break down other proteins and bacteria and can be found in many different common laundry detergents. For fabrics, work from the underside of the material first so as not to push the stain any farther into the weave of the fabric. If the stain is in your carpet, continue to use a blotting method instead of a scrubbing method so the stain isn't pushed deeper into the carpet. Countertop stains usually come clean with countertop cleaners and a little elbow grease. You can also try a Baking Powder and water paste.

Here are some additional home remedies that may help.

Coffee – 1 Tbsp. Dish Detergent, 1 Tbsp. White Vinegar, and 2 cups cool water and blot with cloth.

Wine – If still wet, try blotting with cloth and use club soda on it. If dried, use equal parts of Dish Detergent and White Vinegar with warm water and blot with cloth.

Chocolate – Scrape dried chocolate off the fabric with the edge of a butter knife being careful not to damage the weave. Blot with a mixture of one part dish detergent and two parts 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let it stand for 15 minutes and then rinse well. Caution: Hydrogen peroxide could cause discoloration so, test this method first. You can also substitute the peroxide for white vinegar.

Greasy Foods – Begin by soaking up some of the grease with baby powder overnight then treat with dish Detergent.

While these are methods for addressing the most common party spills, these methods can be used with any number of stains. The key is to catch the stain early and determine the type of stain it is before attempting to treat it. Dish Detergent is designed to pull grease away from a surface so, remember this when dealing with greasy or high in fat food stains. With the right type of clean up, your party memories can be kept to looking at photographs instead of the stain on the floor.

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