Disaster Blaster Is THE Local Industry Leader!

Local Industry Leader

Disaster Blaster Incorporated takes pride in the fact that it remains the leader in the Indoor Environmental Industry in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area. Since our beginning, we have continued to embrace continued innovation and improvement. In fact Disaster Blaster was first in the following:

• First to use a Wall Cavity Drying System. This technology allows us to dry out water damage within a wall or other building cavity without having to tear out areas of the wall. This technology saves our customers a considerable amount of money by eliminating or reducing repair costs.

• First to recognize the need for Mold Remediation Services, our Team of Professionals was the First in Northeastern PA to add Mold Remediation as a specialized service!

• First to author and distribute our own in-house prepared newsletter with the goal of further educating consumers, property managers, realtors, insurance agents and other businesses of issues and concerns related to the indoor environment and the importance of proper mitigation and remediation of water, flood, smoke, fire, or mold damage to a building.

• First to offer accredited continuing education classes to realtors and insurance agents of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In 2012 alone, we have provided accredited education to 227 individuals. We presently offer two accredited courses for realtors and four accredited courses for insurance agents. Disaster Blaster continues to update and improve these courses and you can rely on us to add new course offerings in the future.

• First to use Floor Drying System technology in drying out water damaged hardwood flooring in Water or Flood damaged buildings. The technology has saved the need to replace these floors and saved our customers thousands of dollars in the associated costs of these repairs.

• First Indoor Environmental or Mitigation/Restoration company to become certified and licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to perform Asbestos Abatement. We remain the only company in our industry that can legally provide this service.

• First in our industry to become approved and licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to perform Radon Mitigation.

• First in Northeastern PA to have a Chat feature on our website, making our Experts available when you need us and however you'd like to reach us.

• First Radon Mitigation Company in Northeastern PA to recognize the need for and expand our service offerings to Radon Mitigation in Water.

• First in Northeastern PA to offer Meth Lab Remediation services in accordance with guidelines developed by regulating states (The State of Pennsylvania has not yet developed or put in place any such guidelines).

• First in Northeastern PA to offer Financing Options for our projects, including greatly reduced and no interest options that we negotiated to benefit our customers.

We believe this is why Disaster Blaster should be the "First" call you make when you need any of our services. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us!

"We're Here for You" ®

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