Is 'Integrous' a Word?

Disaster Blaster

There are so many descriptive words one can use to describe a company and staff. For Disaster Blaster, it's not just words, it's our everyday efforts. Our company and all our representatives are honest and we take pride in the fact that we employ people of integrity.

By way of example, just recently, our technicians were performing Mold Remediation in the attic of a residence. Upon removal of some insulation, they located a chest which remarkably contained $30,000 in cash! Our technicians immediately presented this discovery to the homeowner. While this level of integrity is expected from our staff, we do believe it is still worthy of being applauded.

Another example is the manner in which our company handles mold or radon testing. Unlike most of our competitors, Disaster Blaster decided that we would never perform our own Mold testing, and even recently with Radon Mitigation, we continued with that approach. Disaster Blaster has always felt quite strongly that testing this work represents a conflict of interest to the potential detriment of our customers. We are happy to be involved in the consulting portion of the planning and testing to help guide a homeowner, but by no means are we collecting, sampling or reporting on the findings. We want our customers to be assured that any possibility for deception has been removed when they are dealing with us.

As well, for all the services we provide, we have specific documents written, describing the process and setting the expectation for the customer. This way, the customer realizes there is no hidden agenda; and understands the work we describe and were hired to perform. Our proposals are quite specific, so there are no gray areas about what will be done or what is included.

Should you have a need for our services, and want an 'integrous" touch, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be glad to assist you.

"We're Here for You" ®

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