Be a Hero to your customers in their time of need! Take Advantage of Deductible Break!

Disaster Blaster Review

We are very pleased to announce that another local Insurance Agent took advantage of our Deductible Break referral program and as a result saved their customer $2000 (the amount of their deductible). Of course in addition to this savings, they also received top quality service from the leading Indoor Environmental Service Company in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

As the customers, Robert and Marianne C., recently wrote to us: "I would love to comment on my impression of such effective professionals at Disaster Blaster." They "began immediate coordination with insurance company and adjuster" and "never let us down."

Now in addition to the great service they received, imagine how happy they are receiving our check in the amount of $2000 to cover their insurance deductible and in consideration of receiving the referral from a local insurance agent.

When Robert and Marianne have an opportunity to make a referral of an Insurance Agent, we have no doubt they will not forget this experience and savings in time of need.

Be a hero to your customers as well. Take advantage of Disaster Blaster's Deductible Break referral program.

Should your customer have a need for our services, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be glad to assist them and save them money too!

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