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What is Coronavirus Disinfection?


With some studies showing that Coronavirus can survive for at least 17 days on some surfaces, it has become increasingly important for surfaces to be properly and effectively disinfected to prevent further spread of this new virus.

But what does proper infectious disease disinfection entail? While every project is unique, here are some common areas that are addressed during the disinfection process!

Door Knobs

What is Coronavirus Disinfection Infographic

Door knobs are DIRTY. Even in the best of circumstances, they regularly transmit disease. During Coronavirus Disinfection, we thoroughly disinfect all door knobs, handles, and locks.

Desks & Counters

Recognizing how much time we spend at our desks and at sales counters, these areas are disinfected to address potential Coronavirus contamination.


As I’m sure you can imagine, phones can harbor a lot of germs. This is why we make a point of thoroughly disinfecting all phones including receivers and keypads.


Whether they’re in your office or a waiting area, all chairs are disinfected to prevent potential exposure to Coronavirus by staff and customers.

Computers, Keyboards, & Mice

We spend a lot of time on the computer, especially while at work. This is why we pay special attention to disinfecting the computer, monitor, keyboards, and mice!

Tables & Flat Surfaces

Things tend to settle on flat surfaces such as tables. During the disinfection process, we will clean and disinfect these surfaces.


Bathrooms are disinfected thoroughly from top to bottom.


As appliances tend to be used by more than one person, we disinfect the outside of all appliances.

We use effective products

Not all products are created equal and it’s important for a company providing infectious disease disinfection to use appropriate and effective solutions. Whether we are cleaning surfaces or fogging a space, we use products that are effective and safe.

We protect our technicians

It may look scary, but proper safety equipment is important to protect our technicians while they are disinfecting these surfaces. It’s important to keep in mind that Coronavirus is recognized as a serious hazard and we want to make sure that our staff is as safe as possible while they’re working to make your property safe for you!

If you have a residential or commercial property and would like it disinfected against potential Coronavirus, please contact your local Disaster Blaster, we would be happy to assist you.

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*Please note: This is not intended as medical advice. We recommend speaking with a medical professional if you feel you may be sick with this, or any, disease.

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