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Tips for hiring an Infectious Disease Disinfection company

Coronavirus / Covid19 Disinfection

With Coronavirus taking up much of the news, and with many commercial businesses recognizing the need for Coronavirus Disinfection, a lot of companies are cropping up offering these services. Due to the risk of exposure to Covid19 however, it’s incredibly important to ensure the company you have hired is qualified and experienced in Infectious Disease Disinfection.

Here are a few things to look for!

They do this work regularly

There are, unfortunately, a lot of cleaning companies and contractors that are jumping on this bandwagon so to speak. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to hire a company that’s learning as they go – at your property.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you’re hiring a company that provides Infectious Disease Disinfection services on a regular basis and has for far longer than the current epidemic. Disaster Blaster, as an example, has been providing Infectious Disease Disinfection services for decades.

They specialize in indoor environmental issues

In the trades, there are cleaning companies, there are contractors, and there are Indoor Environmental Firms. These companies have different specialties, expertise, and qualifications. For serious hazards such as Coronavirus and other infectious diseases, you want a true Indoor Environmental Firm such as Disaster Blaster.

Look for a company that is able to address a variety of other indoor hazards such as Asbestos and Radon. These services require specialized state licensing and training that differentiates Indoor Environmental Firms from contractors and cleaning companies.

They list Infectious Disease Disinfection as a service

When asked, some cleaning companies and contractors will say that they “can do that”, but what they really mean is that they’re willing to try to do something they don’t normally do. This is incredibly dangerous, which is why we strongly recommend looking for companies that list Infectious Disease Disinfection as a standard service on their website and marketing materials. You don’t want to hire a company that’s trying to learn what they’re doing at your property, particularly when dangerous hazards such as Coronavirus are a concern.

They use effective products

Infectious Disease Disinfection requires specialized products that are formulated to kill or neutralize the specific pathogen of concern. An Indoor Environmental Firm that specializes in Infectious Disease Disinfection will have products on hand that are intended for this purpose, have been proven effective, and which are non-reactive with other common chemicals and cleaning products.

They use proper safety equipment & procedures

Companies that provide Infectious Disease Disinfection services recognize the potential hazard and take precautions to protect their technicians. They will have full-face respirators, protective clothing, and gloves. They’ll have processes and methods in place to ensure safety equipment is effective and adequately disinfected and disposed of when they’re done. The importance of these steps cannot be overstated.

Cleaning companies and contractors often do now have proper safety equipment or training, which can expose their staff and their families to pathogens that may be transmitted during the disinfection process.

Disaster Blaster is an Indoor Environmental Firm specializing in Infectious Disease Disinfection. If you have a commercial or residential property and need disinfection services as a result of an infectious disease such as Coronavirus, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Disaster Blaster. We’re here to help!

*Please note: This is not intended as medical advice. We recommend speaking with a medical professional if you feel you may be sick with this, or any, disease.

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