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Tips for getting your home ready for Summer

House in summer

These harsh NEPA winters can take a toll on your home, which can result in significant damage over time. Here are some tips to help your home recover from the cold and get it ready for summer!

Check the roof

When you’re roof is doing its job, it’s easy to forget about it. Now that the snow is gone, it’s a great time to check your roof for any signs of damage! Get a pair of binoculars, and walk around your house looking at the roof from different angles. Do you see any missing, cracking, or curled shingles? Are there any signs of damage to flashing around chimneys, skylights, or vent pipes? Contact a qualified roofer to address any damage immediately to prevent moisture intrusion.

Clean out the gutters

If you have trees anywhere near your home, it’s likely that your gutters are full of leaves and dirt. These remnants of fall have spent the last several months packed under heavy snow, potentially clogging your gutters and downspouts. Heavy rains, if not provided a place to go, can come into your home through your roof or foundation. Take advantage of the nice weather to clean out your gutters and avoid these issues.

Redo / reseal the driveway

Winter can be especially harsh on blacktop and concrete driveways. Sweep and / or powerwash your driveways and, once dry, seal any cracks that you find. Blacktop / asphalt driveways should be sealed every two or three years to protect them from weather damage and wear. Concrete driveways should be sealed every four or five years to prolong their life.

Tidy up landscaping

One of the best parts of summer is seeing the green yards and colorful flowers. Start off right, by clearing weeds and cleaning up any fallen twigs. You can fill in any bald patches in your yard by sprinkling some grass seed. If flowers are your thing, now’s the time to get your new plants established so that you can enjoy them throughout the summer. If you have plans to add any trees to your yard this season, it’s important to start early so that they can be well established before fall, so take some time to pick the perfect spot and get your tree planted right away.

Clean up outside

Your walkways, decks, and even siding, may require some TLC now that winter is over. Take some time to powerwash these areas and assess any parts that may need some additional work. Decks are commonly forgotten, but they require annual staining / sealing to protect the surfaces from the elements. Siding, likewise, may require touchups (for wood siding), or replacement of a section or two (for vinyl siding that may be cracked or damaged). Take a walk around your property, looking for any issues that need to be addressed, and check them off one at a time.

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer, full of sun and fun! Hopefully with these tips, your home will be just as prepared for the change of seasons as you are!

As always, should you ever have a need for any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Disaster Blaster offices!

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