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Outstanding Customer Testimonial!

Disaster Blaster

Morgan from Peckville initially contacted one of our competitors but was referred to us as her issue was considered too complex. Though it was clear that there would be no work for us to perform for her, we assisted Morgan as best we could. It is always our goal to provide a personal touch that other companies cannot, or simply will not. We were happy to have helped Morgan and wanted to share her testimonial below:

“I am writing this letter to whole heartily recommend Disaster Blaster services. My husband and I had an issue in our town home. We were seeing black soot everywhere and were concerned of the potential health concerns. I was referred to Disaster Blaster by another company. They responded to me almost immediately and came to do a consultation and diagnostic of the home. The gentleman was kind and very educated in his craft. He took the time to explain to us what was wrong in the home and how it should be remedied. The care and concern shown by this company is like nothing I have seen before when it comes to a company or local business. I felt like I mattered and our concerns were their concerns. I even was provided with a follow-up about customer satisfaction. I could not say enough about this company and the outstanding people they employ.” Morgan E., Inspection and Report

Should you have a need for our services, and want a personal touch, please feel free to contact your local Disaster Blaster office and we will be glad to assist you.

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