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January is Radon Action Month!

Radon Action Month

Damage to lungs

Radon is a silent killer.

Recognized as the second leading cause of Lung Cancer in the United States (second only to cigarrette use) Radon has become an increasing concern among homeowners and residents. In fact, in an effort to increase awareness of this potential hazard, state and federal agencies have invested heavily in campaigns to educate the public.

Because Pennsylvania has a particularly high likelihood for Radon issues in homes, and some of the highest Radon levels in the entire country have been found here, a focus of much of these campaigns has been to increase the awareness and understanding of Radon issues in Pennsylvania.

Radon Map of United States

How common is Radon?

Radon occurs naturally in rock and soil, where it then rises up and can get trapped inside of homes. Unfortunately, with no way to escape, Radon can be a significant health hazard.  Nationally, 1 in every 15 homes have a higher than acceptable Radon level, but Radon issues can be much more common in your state or region!

Due to the likelihood of Radon issues in homes, as well as the danger long-term exposure to Radon gas represents, it’s recommended to test your home for Radon and have a mitigation system installed if your Radon level is above the local action level.


How do you know if you have a Radon issue?

Because Radon Gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, it may be in your home right now without you even knowing it. That’s why Radon testing is so important. Following proper Radon testing, a Radon Mitigation System can be installed to address your Radon issue should one exist.

Radon Mitigation

About Radon Action Month

This is why the Federal EPA is taking Radon so seriously. In an effort to increase awareness of this invisible hazard, they have launched advertising campaigns and even designated January National Radon Action Month!

Radon Mitigation Services  Find out more about Radon here

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In an effort to increase the number of residents testing their homes for Radon, Disaster Blaster is offering a 20% discount on Radon Test Kits with Coupon Code “RadonJanuary”!

Should you find that you have a Radon issue in your home, please contact your local Disaster Blaster office! We’re happy to help!

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