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January is National Radon Action Month!

Radon Action Month

Radon is known as the silent killer because it is not only the second leading cause of lung cancer (second only to cigarette smoke), but also undetectable without special equipment, as it cannot be seen, tasted, or smelled… This is why awareness programs and activities, such as January’s designation as National Radon Action Month are important.

Not all homes have unacceptable levels of Radon Gas, but homes in the Northeastern PA area are considered by the EPA to have a very high potential, with some estimates suggesting that 1 in every 2.5 homes have higher than acceptable levels of Radon Gas. This is why it is important to have your home tested, and high Radon Levels professionally addressed.

Many Home Inspectors are able to perform Radon Testing, however those that do are required to be licensed (And Listed) with the State of Pennsylvania. You can see a list of properly licensed testers in your area Here – Please follow the link  under “Certified Testers”.

• Please note that it is recommended NOT to have a Radon Mitigation Company perform the testing, as you want the testing to be both independent and honest. In fact, the EPA discourages reliance on tests performed by Radon Mitigation Companies. Disaster Blaster, viewing this as a conflict of interest, has never performed their own testing for Radon, Asbestos, or Mold.

Likewise, Radon Mitigation Companies are also required to be Licensed (And Listed) with the State of Pennsylvania. You can see a list of Radon Mitigation Companies in your area Here – Please follow the link  under “Certified Mitigators”.

Radon House Rendering

Disaster Blaster is proud to be a Licensed Radon Mitigation provider in the State of Pennsylvania (License #: 2848 – Please follow the link under “Certified Mitigators”), and strives to not only reduce the Radon level in your home or business, but to do so with Options and Choices to allow these systems to blend in and match your home as best as possible.

Additionally, for National Radon Action Month, for all Radon Mitigation Projects signed in the month of January, Disaster Blaster is offering a FREE Fan Upgrade to our Compact Fan. Upgrade to our Premium Fan can be made at a reduced cost.

Should you have any questions about Radon or the Mitigation Options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact your local Disaster Blaster

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