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Is It Appropriate For A Mold Remediation Company To Do Their Own Testing?

Mold Testing

We often caution consumers against using the same company to perform both the mold testing and Mold Remediation work. While this may sound convenient, it creates an environment that opens the customer up to possible fraud. Unfortunately, since mold remediation contractors are not regulated in Pennsylvania (Many other states do regulate these companies), there exists a good bit of deception in this industry. We have experienced cases where disreputable contractors have manipulated mold testing results to their advantage in an effort to deceive the property owner to believe mold remediation was necessary where none was required. As well, we have seen cases where mold remediation companies have manipulated their mold testing to clear their own remediation work showing the property to now be safe when, in fact, it was not.

Since the beginning, Disaster Blaster has maintained that it is a conflict of interest for the mold remediation company to also test their own work. Mold Remediation Companies can get away with doing their own testing in Pennsylvania since mold remediation is not regulated by this state. In comparison, Asbestos Abatement, which is regulated by Pennsylvania, prohibits testing being performed by the company that is engaged in the asbestos abatement. Disaster Blaster, Inc., a State Licensed Asbestos Abatement Company, agrees with this high standard held in Pennsylvania in the Asbestos Abatement Regulations and believes similar regulations should be enacted for Mold Remediation to protect consumers from deceptive practices.

Many Mold Remediation Companies convince their customers to use their services for both testing and mold remediation by advising the consumer that since the samples are sent to an independent laboratory, the testing results are independent and cannot be manipulated. Our experience does not support that statement. Where and how the mold samples are obtained is just as critical to the results as what laboratory is used. Unscrupulous companies know how to take the mold samples in a way that will manipulate the laboratory tests in their favor. As well, we have also seen situations where results are received by the laboratory and misinterpreted in the remediation company’s favor. Do not be fooled!

Should you ever need the aide of a Mold Remediation Company, the best way to protect yourself from deception is to insist that the mold tests are always performed by a separate and distinct company. Professional, reputable mold remediation companies do not test their own work. If your vendor wants to perform both testing and mold remediation, select another company.

Disaster Blaster will never test our own work. We want you to be assured that we are that confident in the quality of our work that we welcome testing by an independent party.

Should you have a need for a Mold Remediation Company, please do not hesitate to contact your local Disaster Blaster office!

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