Franchise or Locally Owned?

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Often we are asked if Disaster Blaster is a franchise. To put the record straight, we are very proud of the fact that Disaster Blaster is not related to any franchise and is a true independent and locally owned business. All of the Officers, Managers, and / or Owners of Disaster Blaster Inc. are local to Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are your neighbors.

We believe this is one more important distinction between Disaster Blaster and many of its competitors. This distinction becomes even more important as more franchise operators open in our area. Most franchises make a point to convey and advertise with the phrase that they are "locally owned and operated" because their corporate offices recognize that many consumers prefer to buy their goods and services locally to promote their local business environment.

Franchises use this phrase in an effort to communicate that they contribute to the local business environment in the same way as a true local business does. This is a contortion of the truth. We call it "spin" today. The reality is something else.

Disaster Blaster as a local company purchases its office and operating supplies locally, purchases its insurance through local insurance agents, and in general uses local vendors and suppliers, our neighbors, for any purchases that are available locally. Management decisions of the company are made locally and any profits of the company are maintained here, and reinvested, locally.

Disaster Blaster has maintained its competitive edge in Northeastern Pennsylvania largely due to its reputation for quality and its genuine care for this area and its neighbors. Disaster Blaster relies primarily on referrals from our prior customers and our business partners for its continued existence and growth. We do not have a corporate office that markets to out-of-state insurance companies and that sets up National Accounts Programs. We are gratified to rely on our neighbors, local people like you, for our work.

So how does this compare to a franchise?

First, the very existence of the franchise is determined by their corporate office; all decisions to open a franchise, or close it for that matter, in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area and the decision as to who will operate this franchise are made by their out-of-state corporate offices. It is a fact as well that these corporate offices have at times selected owners who are not local either to operate the individual franchises in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Second, a local franchise only has limited control over the decision making related to the operation of their business. For instance, they are limited in the type of services that they can offer, must operate certain vehicles, can only use and purchase certain equipment, services and supplies, have limited territories, etc. This lack of control at the individual franchise level inhibits the franchises from changing their chemicals and solutions to ensure that only the Greenest Products are used.

Third, your local franchise is usually required to purchase equipment, supplies, insurance, advertising, etc. from vendors that are approved and selected by their corporate office. This is a considerable amount of business that could do a great deal for our local business environment but that now is directed to another state and locality.

Fourth, a franchise relies on its corporate office to supply a great deal of its work volume through the corporate National Accounts programs. These programs seek to limit or eliminate local involvement in the choosing of a local vendor thereby controlling the choices of our local businesses and individuals in who they prefer to provide services to them.

Fifth, a large portion of the profits of a franchise are never spent in our area. Rather these profits are moved from our local area to another state or locality via royalties paid by the franchise to their corporate office. As well, since these royalties are considered expenses of the local franchise, this profit shift from our local communities to these out-of-state corporate offices are not taxed locally, which reduces local or State taxes paid by the franchise and, over time, only serves to increase the tax burden on the true local businesses and individuals.

So you can see there is quite a big difference between a local business and a franchise. We ask that you consider this when you decide to buy "locally".

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