Announcing Deductible Break!

Insurance Deductible

Available to Local Insurance Agency customers, valid on invoiced jobs over $ 500. When your customer mentions "Deductible Break" or the fact that you spoke to the customer prior to calling our office, we will apply a 5% discount from our total to help with the deductible.

For Example:
Job Size:           Discount:
$ 1000              $ 50
$ 2000              $ 100

$ 3000              $ 150

We realize that sometimes a deductible may deter a Policyholder from hiring a professional to handle a claim properly. This incentive is also something established for you to once again help in the claims process.

This program in no way eliminates the deductible. It is a courtesy discount offered to Disaster Blaster customers when referred by you, their Insurance Agent.

Discount applied to pre-sales tax amount and is limited to the amount of the insurance deductible. This program is not applicable for roofing jobs, exterior repairs, radon mitigation systems, asbestos abatement, or claims managed through fee-paid vendor programs.

We at Disaster Blaster are committed to our customers and as such make every effort to assist them through the claims process. Should you have a need for any of our services, please do not hesitate to Contact Our Offices!

"We're Here for You" ®

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