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At Disaster Blaster, we have built a reputation on exceptional service, knowledge, and unmatched experience in this industry. We are proud to have had the opportunity to serve our local Northeastern PA area for the last 19 years and look forward to continuing to assist our customers and neighbors through the complicated claims process!

In addition to our commitment to a smooth process for our customers, being true Indoor Environment Experts, our expertise extends well beyond that of a standard cleaning company. Our team is uniquely prepared to recognize and address unexpected hazards such as Asbestos and Mold safely and in accordance with State Law. You can rest assured that your issue is being addressed with the care, understanding, and focus on safety that you should expect. We're Here For You.

What to do if you experience an emergency claim:

1. Contain the situation to minimize damage.
Turn off water, put containers under drips, etc.
2. Call your Insurance Agent/Insurance Company.
They may refer you to a Mitigation company, however you have the right to choose who you would like to use.
3. Call a Mitigation Company such as Disaster Blaster and/or any other professionals needed such as a plumber, roofer, tree service professional, etc.
Give the Mitigation company about 2 hours to respond since they may have to go get equipment and may not be in your immediate area at the time.
4. Take pictures of the damage including all the contents affected.
5. Take an inventory of all the contents damaged.
6. Do not throw away any evidence of damage or how it was caused until instructed by your adjuster.

My Claim File


We don't just restore your home to pre-loss condition, we assist you throughout the process!

In our further committment to helping you through a confusing and stressfull process, we have developed My Claim File, an EXCLUSIVE product to help you bring some order to what can feel like a chaotic process!

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