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What is a Fentanyl

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You may have heard about Fentanyl in the news and wondered what it was and where it came from. An incredibly powerful opiod, Fentanyl has a number of medical applications and is routinely used under the supervision of medical care providers. Unfortunately, over the last several years, it has also become popular among drug abusers, manufacturers, and dealers. Due to its strength, very little Fentanyl is necessary to illicit a "high", leading some manufacturers and dealers to mix Fentanyl in with other drugs to increase the potency and felt effect by the user. This can be extremely dangerous, as Fentanyl is so potent that it requires very little to lead to an overdose. In fact, exposure by occupants to a few granules of Fentanyl can lead to death.

How dangerous is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is, unfortunately, becoming more and more common throughout the country. Which means that finding some powder on the floor or in a dresser when you're moving in can be extremely scary. It's not unheard of for new occupants or tenants to be exposed to Fentanyl while they're cleaning and unpacking!

Due to the potential risk that Fentanyl and other drugs represent, it's strongly recommended that unknown powders and substances be treated with caution until you know what they are. This may require testing and / or remediation to ensure that your property is safe.

About Fentanyl Remediation

Fentanyl Remediation

In a time when new environmental hazards are being introduced to your homes and businesses, it's important to entrust the safety of your indoor environment to a true Indoor Environmental Expert that keeps up with not only changes in the industry, but new hazards as they present themselves. Fentanyl is one such hazard, requiring specialized training and equipment in order to not only clean the property, but to neutralize Fentanyl that may be present. Disaster Blaster is proud to be a true Indoor Environmental Expert, and the Industry Leader in Northeastern Pennsylvania!

As part of Fentanyl Remediation Services, we will remove materials like carpeting that can hide contaminants, spray a product designed to neutralize Fentanyl, and detail hepa vacuum and clean the area. This is an extemely detailed process intended to reach any horizontal surfaces that may have collected Fentanyl powder or residue and neutralize it. Because we take safety so seriously, we even throw away our hepa vaccum after each Fentanyl project.


If your home or rental property has, or you believe it to have, an existing Fentanyl exposure, please don't hesitate to Contact the experts at Disaster Blaster!

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