Duct Cleaning and Decontamination Services


The ductwork in your home is responsible for circulating air within your home and, as a result, can accumulate a great deal of debris. Disaster Blaster recommends that you inspect your ductwork every five years. If you have pets or occupants with asthma or allergies, the ductwork should be inspected more often.

An easy way for homeowners to inspect their own ductwork is to use a digital camera. Remove the vents from the ductwork and use the camera to take a flash photo down the length of the ducts. This will give you an excellent view of the level of contamination in your ductwork.


Disaster Blaster also recommends having your ductwork cleaned if your building has suffered a mice, rat, insect, or Mold Infestation. Mice, rats, and insects all use your ductwork and will often have left contamination behind. Mold will have dispersed microscopic spores into the air. These invisible spores are considered hazardous and often get trapped in the ductwork. It is also recommended that ductwork be cleaned if you have suffered a Smoke or Fire claim.

Ductwork cleaning should be performed by a professional properly trained and with the proper equipment to effectively clean all areas of your ductwork. Disaster Blaster's technicians are properly trained and will use Negative Air Containment to make sure that the living areas of your building are not further contaminated during the duct cleaning process.

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