Our Exclusive Deductible Break Program!

Deductible Break Discount

Have you heard of our Deductible Break Program?

Deductible Break is our EXCLUSIVE Customer Incentive available to all of your customers!

We realize that sometimes a deductible may deter a Policyholder from hiring a professional to handle a claim properly, which may result in future losses. We developed the Deductible Break to help Policyholders with the cost AND to allow agents to get involved through the claims process therefore, retaining those customers for life.

This offer is available to Local Insurance Agency customers and valid on invoiced jobs over $500. When your customer mentions "Deductible Break" or the fact that you spoke to the customer prior to calling our office, we will apply a 5% discount from our total to help with the deductible.

For Example:
Job Size:           Discount:
$ 1000              $ 50
$ 2000              $ 100

$ 3000              $ 150

Help your customers save 5% today!

This program in no way eliminates the deductible. It is a courtesy discount offered to Disaster Blaster customers when referred by you, their Insurance Agent.

Discount applied to pre-sales tax amount and is limited to the amount of the insurance deductible. This program is not applicable for roofing jobs, exterior repairs, radon mitigation systems, asbestos abatement, or claims managed through fee-paid vendor programs. Discount not available on testing services, or any other service not directly performed by Disaster Blaster. The DeductibleBreak discount is not available for projects not covered by insurance, or for which project financing was used. One discount per person and location.

Should you have questions about this program or any of our services, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be glad to assist you.

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