Proudly Serving Carbondale!

Serving Carbondale

Proudly serving Carbondale and the surrounding area! Whether you see our vehicles in Carbondale, Eynon, or Forest City, we are a fixture of the neighborhoods we serve and live in. For 20 years, our team has proudly served Carbondale and the surrounding area, differentiating ourselves through service and support through the claims process. Because at Disaster Blaster, we aren't just a company doing business in your area, we are your neighbors and friends...

But that isn't all that sets us apart. As a Local Company, we are proud that when calling our offices, you will reach someone in Northeastern PA. Someone that knows the area, and how to pronounce the names of the towns! And without a franchise system pulling us to far off parts of the country, you know We're Here For You®, and that's never going to change.

At Disaster Blaster though, we don't rest on our laurels, we're also The Local Industry Leader, being the only company in the area able to complete a project from beginning to end, including highly regulated industries such as Asbestos Abatement and Radon Mitigation. We continue to leverage our years of experience to drive down the repairs necessitated by a claim as well through advanced processes and techniques that are proven to work. Of course, should you have a need for Repairs, we're more than happy to handle that for you too!

Others may try to duplicate, but there's only one Disaster Blaster!

Interesting Facts About Carbondale:
• Carbondale was the location of the first deep vein anthracite coal mine.
• The area that later became Carbondale was originally developed by William and Maurice Wurts of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company.
• According to the 2010 Census, the population of Carbondale is 8,891 people.
• During the coal mining boom, Carbondale's population was over 23,000 people.
• On October 9, 1829 the Delaware and Hudson Gravity Railroad, the first commercially successful railroad in the United States began operation; connecting Carbondale with Honesdale.
• Incorporated on March 15, 1851, Carbondale is the fourth oldest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

• Carbondale holds an annual festival every summer called Pioneer Days, in honor of Carbondale's nickname, "The Pioneer City". The festival features local bands, arts and crafts, carnival games, festival food, and a huge fireworks display.

Notable People that call Carbondale their hometown:
• Robert Wood Johnson I, the founder of Johnson & Johnson.

• William J. Goebel, The 34th Governor of Kentucky, serving 3 days before his assasination. He is the first sitting Governor to have been assassinated.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

Disaster Blaster Review  "Excellent Crew - Would refer them without any problem. Asked for their business cards to place in my Real Estate Office." Rosemary O., Water Damage

Disaster Blaster Review  "Great experience, very professional." Marya G., Duct Cleaning

Disaster Blaster Review  "We were happy with all work done. Also we were impressed with the concern they showed us." Mike G., Water Damage

Disaster Blaster Review  "Very professional, polite, and informative." Joe S., Radon

Disaster Blaster Review  "Great Job!" William J., Water Damage