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Mold Remediation Services


Disaster Blaster's Team of Professionals is proud to have been the first to provide specialized Mold Remediation Services in Northeastern PA!


Mold is a living organism that naturally exists in the outdoor environment. Mold ejects spores into the air. These spores are similar to plant seeds and will grow additional mold when and if these spores land upon an area which provides moisture and a suitable food source. Mold spores are not visible to the naked eye so can float in the air unnoticed by a building's occupants.

Mold and mold spores contain toxins, hazardous chemicals that the mold uses to protect it from its enemies. When a building is contaminated with mold, mold spores tend to accumulate within the building to hazardous levels. Occupants, when breathing in the mold spores, are exposed to the mold toxins which have been associated to medical and health related issues, some very serious.


Proper mold remediation or removal must include more than simply removing the visible growing mold. The most important part of a successful and professional mold remediation consists of removal of the invisible and detrimental mold spores. Disaster Blaster has the training and the equipment necessary to ensure that any Mold Remediation job results in a safe indoor air quality.

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